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Department of Paediatrics

Our department consists of a highly skilled team of consultants who adhere to the highest standards of paediatric care. Their main goal is to provide comprehensive management of problems of neonates and children.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Nirmala Medical Centre provides highly specialized care to critically ill new borns. The NICU is also equipped with:

  • Monitoring facilities
  • Photo Therapy Unit
  • Warmers
  • Comprehensive Care for preterm and growth Retarded Babies
  • Immunization clinic

Our Doctors, nurses who work in our NICU have extensive experience, expertise, and knowledge to quickly assess and treat the neonates so that they can achieve the best outcomes possible. The unit is also staffed with well trained, skilled and experienced nurses.


Dr. Sr. Annie Paul
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Medical Superintendent

Dr. Ambily Varghese
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